Corporate responsibility


The keystone of business for Bank Vozrozhednie is human interaction, built on the principle of respect, mutual trust and responsiveness. The Bank keeps to these principles in building communications with clients and when formulating its human resource policy.

According to the philosophy of the Bank, every employee is valuable. The creation of value and achievement of strategic goals is driven by our employees, irrespective of their role.

To make full use of the employees’ professional potential, the Bank regularly carries out activities to improve their motivation, as well as activities aimed at the development of corporate culture. In 2013, a new system of staff motivation was introduced, built on the mechanism of reward for achieving results throughout the reporting period. A particular emphasis was placed on motivating the sales force. Corporate business department staff was rewarded for sales of the prioritised products of the Bank to new clients, as well as for increasing the volume of business with existing ones. In the retail business, the main criterion for reward was the fulfillment of the revenue plan on various products, including loans, deposits, non-interest income, etc. The Bank also hopes to stimulate positive changes in the business processes that enable increased efficiency of internal communication and group work.

Number of staff, people

Staff loyalty

As of 31 December 2013, 6,608 employees were working with Bank Vozrozhdenie.

We are distinguished by strong loyalty of our staff and many of our employees have been with the Bank for over 15 years.

When recruiting, we prefer specialists with relevant higher education who have practical experience in the banking sector. For this purpose, the Bank is working with students of Russia’s financial and economic universities. In particular, in 2013, we continued our cooperation with the Finance University under the Government of the Russian Federation, the North-Eastern State University, the M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, the G.V. Plekhanov Russian Economic Academy, the Moscow Banking School of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the Moscow Financial and Legal Academy. Throughout 2013, 40 students undertook internships and pre-diploma practice with the Bank, 10 of these in the Head Office of the Bank and 20 – at the branches.

As of 31 December 2013, 6,608 employees were working with Bank Vozrozhdenie..

Remuneration structure

Bank, total

Head Office


Average employee wage
(including incentives)

Average employee wage
(without consideration of incentives)

Staff training and development

Staff training and development is one of the social responsibility priorities of Bank Vozrozhdenie. In 2013, we continued to implement the strategy of personnel development for the period until 2015, adopted a year earlier. The strategy aims to increase involvement of every employee in the processes of preparation and professional development and to provide all the departments of the Bank with highly qualified staff.

Our employees have the option of taking online training courses or attending relevant seminars and workshops in person. We provide staff with an opportunity to get the necessary knowledge and skills both on a group basis and individually. Diverse forms of education include courses, seminars, group-training, and master-classes.

Full-time training in the Bank is implemented using two options: internally with the best employees of the Bank’s divisions acting as coaches, and externally through assistance of experts of relevant universities.

In 2013, more than 150 managers of our business units were trained through a four-module “Effective Manager” training programme.

Throughout 2013, the opportunity for individualised external education courses was provided to over 300 employees in the fields of economics, law, accounting, new banking technologies, and bank security. Employees took courses in 78 specialised schools and institutions for advanced training of banking employees.

In 2013, over 1,500 employees took part in the Bank’s programme for employees’ education and development.

Quantity of training courses taken by the staff

Corporate environment

Since customer relationships are at the foundation of the business model of the Bank, we understand that building such relationships is not possible without a smoothly run and united team. We pay great attention to creating a corporate culture focused on mutual support and effective interaction of the internal divisions of the Bank. The Bank successfully operates an internal corporate website, where employees can obtain the information on current projects and also learn the latest news about the events in the Bank, congratulate each other on birthdays and anniversaries. Competitions for the title “Best in profession” are regularly held, which contribute not only to the financial recognition, but also add the non-monetary incentives to the employees. The Bank has a book of honours, which highlights the achievements of merited employees with significant work experience.

Quarterly meetings are held between the general managers of all branches and the management of the Bank, where regional managers can, in an informal setting, share their experience, communicate with one another, as well as Head office staff, in regard to matters of mutual interest.

Our Bank provides jobs with competitive remuneration and social benefits, complies with labour laws and regulations, provides safe working conditions, supports and develops corporate culture, implements a programme of personnel motivation, and works to improve the professional level of employees. The Bank’s staff is provided with the opportunity to receive medical care in the best specialised clinics through the programme of voluntary medical insurance. Staff working in the Cash-in-Transit service is provided with additional accident insurance. A portion of the Bank’s car fleet has passenger accident insurance.

We aim to provide not only comfortable conditions for work, but also interesting opportunities for rest for our staff. The Bank has a mini-football team, which participates in various interbank tournaments and has achieved high results.


A distinctive feature of Bank Vozrozhdenie is the reverent attitude to the client, cultivated at all levels of management. The Bank’s customer-oriented approach is especially noticeable in times of global financial crises. Even in the most difficult moments, we always put the interests of the client first and fulfill all our obligations to the people who have entrusted us with their savings. It is this loyalty to customers that enabled the Bank to overcome all crises over the past 20 years, while maintaining high reputation and our clients’ trust.

Having said this, we believe that the best strategy is preventing financial instability of our clients through work of our staff with the population of the regions of the Bank’s operations. In the framework of development in this direction, the Bank regularly participates in activities to improve the financial literacy among Russian citizens.

Improving the financial literacy of citizens

In February 2013, Bank Vozrozhdenie participated in the “Day of financial literacy” in Barnaul. The event was attended by more than 300 people, who were lectured by the Bank staff about the methods for preserving and increasing savings, about what to look for when choosing a term deposit or loan, about what a credit card is and what the advantages it may give.

At the end of 2013, the Khabarovsk State Academy of Economics and Law and the Bank completed the first stage of a joint project - a series of seminars to improve financial literacy. Seminars on the theme of “personal finance management” were held at the Academy and attracted the attention of many citizens, students and teachers.

In November 2013, Bank Vozrozhdenie held a regular seminar as part of the series “The media as the main provider of financial literacy”, entitled “The safe use of bank cards, ATMs and internet banking. New opportunities.” The driver for the event was the necessity to highlight the risks associated with the use of modern technologies.

In December 2013, the Bank, jointly with the Center of social service of the population in Volgodonsk, held a seminar for pensioners on the topic of “Improving financial literacy, training to use ATMs and electronic devices.”


Bank Vozrozhdenie considers the environmental care as an integral part of its everyday life. Although the Bank does not affect the ecology in the regions of presence in a negative way, nevertheless, we realise our indirect impact on the environment through the consumption of electric and thermal energy, the use of the car park. Therefore, we are faced with the task to gradually decline our indirect negative impact on the environment. In particular, the Bank carries out a monitoring of the environmental impact as a part of our lending policy. We do not lend to the enterprises that can cause a significant environmental harm. For that, all lending projects to industrial companies should pass an ecological examination, and the decision to grant the loan is accepted only in the case of a positive result.

Currently, the Bank conducts a replacement of the lamps with fluorescent bulbs to the LED-lamps. In 2013, all the lamps in Odintsovo, Khimki and Mytishchi branches were completely replaced. Hence, the volume of the current filament lamps consumption is insignificant, mainly for outdoor or emergency lighting.

During 2012 and 2013, an energy audit had been conducted in Bank Vozrozhdenie, the results of which formed the Bank’s energy passport.

Having ceased the filament lamps purchasing since the beginning of 2012, we started to replace the defective lamps with the energy saving ones (metal-halogen or LED). Disposal of the mercury-containing lamps is conducted by a specialised company “Ecorecycle” LLC.

Moreover, in 2013, the Bank signed the agreements for the removal and the disposal of the waste generated as a result of the enterprise’s activity. All partners have the compliance certificates to the requirements of the Russian standards.

In 2013, we reduced writing paper consumption by 18%. A total weight of 22.5 tons of cardboard packaging and writing paper from the Bank’s warehouse was commissioned for recycling in the reporting period.

By the beginning of 2014, 181 car, 2 trailers and 1 loader are used by the Bank. A significant proportion of the fleet (about 84%) complies with the EURO-4 and EURO-5 standards.

In 2013, we reduced writing paper consumption by 18%.

A total weight of 22.5 tons of cardboard packaging and writing paper from the Bank’s warehouse was commissioned for recycling in the reporting period.

The consumption of various types of energy, fuel, water

The consumption of thermal energy, Gcal

Electricity consumption, kW/h

Water consumption, m3

Fuel consumption by motor transport,

Bank and society

Bank Vozrozhdenie considers it necessary to be involved in the social life of the regions of presence. Every year we support a number of public projects targeted at culture development, improvement of the education level, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, as well as assistance to the destitute and vulnerable social groups.

In 2013, the Bank took an active part in aid collecting for the flood victims in the Far East of Russia. Transfer of the unsolicited contributions to the account of the all-Russian public organisation “Russian Red Cross” and the Government of the Khabarovsk territory was carried out without any commissions or queues. The Bank itself provided charity assistance to the flood victims.

We consider support of a healthy lifestyle and sports as an important mission, therefore the Bank assists in holding the sports events, especially for the children. In particular, in 2013 the fourth annual sports event “Sport for a Healthy Lifestyle” with participation of the regional sports stars of Rostov-on-Don was held with our support. The participants of this bright event were 400 children from 20 schools from Rostov-on-Don region, over 350 school team leaders and approximately 100 athletes from 14 sports federations and clubs.

In Magadan, we supported the VII municipal sports games “Sporty Family – 2013” that had been attended by over 37 family-teams. There was a personal and team championship in every kind of sports included into the Games programme.

We can not stay indifferent to the problems of disabled people and try to help them. Thus, in Voronezh, Bank Vozrozhdenie took part in organisation of the celebration for disabled children. The event was held on the first winter day and devoted to the upcoming Olympic Games Sochi-2014. The creative performances were shown and the games and the sports competitions were organised, within the event framework.

In 2013, the Bank supported the Natalia Vodianova Charity Foundation “Naked hearts”, aimed at helping children with development disability.

For many years, the Bank has been providing charitable support to the Blind Children Foundation. Due to the Bank’s participation in the Programme “Books as a Gift”, many children with vision impairments from the specialised Russian preschool institutions received a subscription to the colour illustrated relief books “Atlas of the Illustrations Perception”.

We understand that children are our future. Happy children’s faces are the highest recognition of our activity. Therefore, we are actively involved in the support and organisation of youth activities in the regions of presence. Thus, the Bank supported the event “Business Community for Orphans”, assisting to the social rehabilitation centre “Orphanage of Savino-Storozhevsky Monastery” in Zvenigorod. On the New Year eve and Christmas eve, the performances “The Magic lamp of Aladdin” were held in the children’s rehabilitation centre “Nadezhda” in Naro-Fominsk, with the Bank’s support. In the Voronezh branch of the Bank, the New Year event for the winners of the drawing contest, devoted to the Day of the City, took place. A sightseeing tour around the Bank office was held for the children; they were explained how a bank works and tried themselves as cashiers.

On the International Children’s Day eve in Barnaul, a contest of children’s drawings was held with the help of Bank Vozrozhdenie.

We support not only the socially significant activities targeted at all population segments, but also the activities aimed to promote entrepreneurship. In particular, in Barnaul, the Bank participated in the Russian Entrepreneur Day, which was attended by approximately 700 state and business representatives.

Supporting culture and the arts

The Easter Festival is a unique opportunity for us to be involved into introducing the high arts to our customers and partners, as well as to the broad layers of society.

Mark Nakhmanovich
Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

Cultural life of Russia and its regions is traditionally at the centre of Bank Vozrozhdenie attention. In 2013, we continued our active work on supporting both Federal and regional cultural events. In particular, in spring 2013 in Moscow, the XII Easter Festival was traditionally held with the assistance of Bank Vozrozhdenie.

We support the arts projects. For many years, the Bank has been providing financial assistance to the State Tretyakov Gallery. In 2013, we provided financial support to publishing of the artist Mikhail Mukhin’s personal art exhibition catalogue “Distant in Time – Near to the Soul” dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the author.

Bank Vozrozhdenie has always been actively supporting cinematographic projects.

In January-February 2013, we sponsored the traditional film festival “Belye Stolby”, organised by the State Film Fund of Russia. In the framework of this educational festival, the audience had the opportunity to watch the movies stored in the archives of the State Film Fund.

In November 2013, the Bank rendered assistance to the annual X International festival of military and patriotic films “Volokolamsk Frontier”, named after S.F. Bondarchuk.

In 2013 in Volgodonsk, the Bank helped to hold the XV interregional festival of the amateur song “Strings of the Soul”. It was already the 15th festival held in Romanovskaya village of the Volgodonsk area. This time it was dedicated to the 400th anniversary since the village formation.

During the years of its existence, “Strings of the Soul” has become not only an interregional, but also an international festival. In 2013, it was attended by over 300 participants from 20 regions of Russia and CIS. In October 2013 in Barnaul, we helped to conduct the symphonic orchestra concert of the State Philharmonic of the Altai territory for the city residents. In April 2013, the Bank sponsored the Music Festival in Pushkino. The Pushkino Music Festival, held since 2008, is one of the brightest cultural events of the city, and one of the largest and the most significant in the Moscow region.

In September 2013, with the support of the Bank the XIV Volkovskiy Festival of theatrical art was held.

Throughout 2013, the Bank had been helping the administrations of the cities in the regions of the Bank’s presence to arrange municipal celebrations, dedicated to the Day of the City.

Every year we support the Day of the City celebration in Yaroslavl. The Bank took part in the annual flower festival, organised by the Dmitrov municipal area Administration of the Moscow region.

In June 2013, Bank Vozrozhdenie once again supported the regional celebration “Illusions of the Old Town”, held by the Museum-Reserve “Kizhi”. In 2013, the event was dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty.

Withing the framework of the 220th anniversary celebration of Krasnodar, Bank Vozrozhdenie organised a family event for local residents and their children, inviting them to a children’s performance at the Drama Theatre of Krasnodar. All the young viewers and their parents liked the show. And during the breaks the animators had been entertaining guests and delighting them with the souvenirs from the Bank.

In Spring 2013, the XII All-Russia/ Nationwide Russian Easter Festival was held in Moscow, with our traditional support, during which nearly 150 concerts were held from the 5th to the 16th of May.

This time, the musical event was dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Kursk - one of the key battles of Second World War. Within the framework of the Festival, the symphonic orchestra of the Mariinsky theatre, one of the leading orchestras in the world, under the direction of Maestro Valery Gergiev, presented a concert programme in Moscow, the regions and CIS countries. Over the past years, the Festival has grown from being a Moscow regional event to a nationwide one, which helps to involve the broader public in high arts in the towns and regions of Russia, in half of which Bank Vozrozhdenie has a presence.