About us

About Bank Vozrozhdenie

Bank Vozrozhdenie is a bank that works for its clients. We aid business development and the increasing welfare of companies and individual clients by providing a full range of banking services based on a modern product line and the most convenient sales channels. We support the small- and medium-sized enterprise sector (SME) and provide individual clients with high quality financial services simultaneously contributing to the sustainable development of the regional economy.

The Bank targets cross-sales development, allowing to maintain a high share of non-interest income in the total revenue structure that is planned to be increased to 40% in the medium term. In addition, the Bank envisages the following business objectives as a priority:

  • Stregthening its capital position
  • Asset growth
  • Maintaining liquid balance sheet
  • Increase of the business processes efficiency, in order to respond to the present-day clients’ demands applicable to the lending institutions.


The development of information technology is the basis of the Bank’s future progress, providing our clients with access to the most advanced and convenient banking services. The strategic priority for us is the development of remote channels, including mobile and internet banking, ATMs and payment terminals. To ensure a high level of system reliability, we continue to optimise IT system architecture, internal processes and IT regulations.

Dynamics and breakdown of assets,
RUB billion

Dynamics and breakdown of liabilities,
RUB billion

Our values

Our most valuable asset is our client relationships. We work in a true partnership with clients, and our relationships are built on the principles of responsiveness, humanity and reliability. We are the bank that can be relied on in both good and bad times. This is what distinguishes us from other banks today, and will continue to distinguish us in the future.

Guided in our everyday work by the Bank’s core values – responsiveness, humanity and reliability – we strive to be a competent financial partner for our clients. The responsiveness of our decision-making, a close attention to the requirements of each client and a personal service – these are the most important objectives for all the employees of the Bank.

Market position

6th by volume of lending to SMEs

9th by volume of mortgage lending

13th by number of active bank cards

20th by volume of corporate lending

21st by retail deposits

29th by net assets

Operating income before provisions

Net profit, RUB billion