Shareholder Capital

Bank Vozrozhdenie is a joint stock company. The Bank’s authorised share capital is 250,431,990 roubles, including 23,748,694 ordinary shares with a nominal value of 10 roubles and 1,294,505 preferance shares with a nominal value of 10 roubles as of the end of 2013. The free float was circa 41%.

Shares of the Bank have been trading on the CJSC MICEX stock exchange since 1998, when they were first admitted. Prior to that, the shares were traded on the OTC market and other Russian stock exchanges. Bank Vozrozhdenie was the first bank to launch a programme of American Depositary receipts in 1996.

According to the ratings agency Expert RA, in 2012 the Bank was among the top ten largest Russian banks by market capitalisation.

In accordance with the Articles of Association, the Bank is entitled to place 8,000,000 additional ordinary non-documentary registered shares.

The common and preference shares of the Bank are traded on the CJSC MICEX stock exchange under the tickers VZRZ and VZRZP respectively.

Volume of issued shares

Type and category of security State Registration Number Nominal value, RUB Quantity, number
1 Ordinary non-documentary registered shares 10101439В 10.00 23,748,694
2 Preference non-documentary registered shares with fixed rate of dividend 20201439В 10.00 1,294,505
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Information about the market capitalisation of the Bank

January 1, 2014 January 1, 2013 January 1, 2012
Quantity of ordinary shares, number 23,748,694 23,748,694 23,748,694
Book value per ordinary share, roubles 941.78 876.13 777.39
Market price of ordinary non-documentary registered shares, roubles 438.9 539.4 547.5
Market price of preference non-documentary registered shares with fixed rate of dividend 119.22 139.01 249.02
(based on full previous year results)
Market capitalisation of ordinary non-documentary registered shares, million roubles 10,423.30 12,810.05 13,002.41
Market capitalisation of preference non-documentary registered shares with fixed rate of dividend, million roubles 154.33 178.09 338.14
Total market capitalisation of the Bank’s shares, million roubles (according to data of MICEX stock exchange) 10,577.63 12,988.14 13,340.55
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As of the closing date of the shareholder register (May 13, 2013) for the creation of the list of parties holding the right to participate in the Annual General Meeting on the June 28, 2013, there were 9,375 shareholders (including 1,013 legal entities and 8,362 individuals).

Shareholders holding more than 5% of company share capital

Shareholder Share of capital, %
Mr. Dmitry Orlov 30.7
Mr. Otar Margania 18.65
JPM International Consumer Holding Inc. 9.37
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