Transactions with interested parties

At the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of Bank Vozrozhdenie held on June 28, 2013, the following interested party transactions were resolved to be approved. These may be effected in the future on standard terms in the course of the Bank’s usual business within the set period until the next regular AGM:

  • credits, pledges, guarantees, deposits, issue of bank guarantees, acquisition of rights of claim, leasing, factoring operations, issue and placement of interbank loans, conversion transactions and other operations in the framework of the licenses for carrying out banking operations
  • transactions related to acquisition, mortgaging, leasing and alienation of real estate assets
  • transactions related to acquisition and disposal of securities, including issued at the stock market

These deals could be effected subject to the following conditions:

  • the maximum amount of each of the transactions or a series of related transactions with each of the interested parties shall not exceed 7 billion roubles
  • the maximum amount of each of the concluded deals bearing credit risk must not exceed 2.5 billion roubles, while the sum of a series of related transactions shall not exceed 5 billion roubles
  • the principal terms and conditions of the transactions with interested parties, conducted as per the resolution of the shareholders of the AGM, must not materially differ from terms and conditions offered to unrelated parties
mln roubles
Total volume of transactions with interested parties in 2013, including: 28,483.1
granting loans 1,505.3
placing/receiving interbank loans 20,290.0
attracting capital for deposits 1,186.2
other transactions 5,501.6
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