Information disclosure

The Bank discloses information about its activities based on the principles of regularity and efficiency of its provision. Availability of information to stakeholders, its adequacy or completeness of the content, is determined in observance of a reasonable balance between openness of the Bank and the Bank’s safeguarding of its commercial interests, as well as neutrality, i.e. not favouring certain interested parties over others.

In order to increase its level of transparency, based on the monitoring of the investor’s requests and recommendations of the rating agencies, the Bank is continuously expanding its list of disclosed information. In addition to information subject to mandatory disclosure, the Bank discloses the following information, which may affect the interests of shareholders and influence the informed decisions of shareholders and investors:

  • on acquisition of the Bank’s own shares, if it is not connected with the reduction of authorized share capital of the Bank (this includes information about the sources of funds used for the acquisition, the number of purchased shares, the acquisition price of the shares, as well as other information that reveals the cause and the purpose of such acquisitions)
  • on the quotations of the Bank’s securities and transactions with them
  • internal documents defining ethical principles, principles of corporate conduct, information and dividend policy, procedure for payment of remuneration and compensation to members of the Board of Directors of the Bank
  • the structure and composition of the management bodies of the Bank, including brief information about the individuals forming these management and control bodies the Bank (the Chairman and the members of the Board of Directors, members of committees of the Board of Directors, the Chairman of the Management Board, the members of the Management Board, the members of the Audit Committee)
  • the licences of the Bank
  • the dividend history of the Bank
  • the development strategy of the Bank
  • information regarding services provided and operations made by the Bank
  • key performance indicators of the Bank
  • the list of branches and representative offices of the Bank
  • the ratings, or changes thereof, assigned to the Bank by both Russian and international ratings agencies
  • an overview of news, as well as press releases and publications about the Bank

In accordance with legislative changes that came into effect on January 1, 2013, the Bank has a further obligation to publish information about its activities in the specialised Federal information resource — the United Federal Register of information on the facts of legal entities. Due to this, the Board of Directors approved Amendment #1 to the Regulation on information policy of Bank Vozrozhdenie.